RISING ELECTRO-OPTICS LTD. founded since 2006, is a manufacturer of precision optical components. We strive to the highest standard of the industry by implementing ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environment system, within our factory area 3000 m2.

Our optical components are usually made from glass, crystal and plastic materials but we can accept any processing materials supplied by our customers. Most of our optical blanks are from Schott, CDGM, Ohara, etc. and are ROHS certified.
Typical components we make are as follows: Optical lens, Mirrors, Beamsplitters, prisms of all kinds, Optical Filters etc.

Next to simple components, Rising EO specializes in innovative assemblies of different optical parts which aim at saving you delays, yield and incidentally costs issues. Typically, we offer such products as Optical components assembly: Lens assembly, Prism assembly, Optical combination; Optical lenses: Endoscope, Projection lenses and Optical mechanical assembly: Lens and Mechanical parts design and assembly.

Rising-EO is equally active in designing and producing more elaborate components for the optical telecommunications market. Rising-EO’s Optical fiber communication technology components is the core component of fiber optic equipment, widely used in FTTx, Wavelength Management, Optical Switch, DPSK DQPSK Demodulator, Interleaver EDFA and other communications devices.

For more information please report to the Rising-EO website.