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Laser Diode Bar Assemblies (LDBA)

MONOCROM’s laser Diode Bar Assemblies use an innovative "free solder" technology in which the laser bars are clamped within two copper blocks which also serve as heat sinks. This avoids smile effects and considerably extends the useful lifetime of the products. Additionally, macro-channels present in the cooling system reduce maintenance problems and cost of ownership. The main features of the LDBA’s are:

• Extended lifetime >20 000 hours. No mechanical stress. No maintenance required.
• Widest operation mode range: from nanoseconds to CW.
• High brightness with minimum "smile" 0.5pm.
• High efficiency >50% and compact Size.
• High energy per laser pulse at low cost per Watt.
• Custom beam delivery. Fiber-coupled, Free space, Collimated modules.
• Efficient cooling, conduction-cooled. Water cooled (Tap water compatible).
• No risks of micro-channel degradation.
• Broad range of wavelengths, 635-2000nm.
• Wide storage temperature, -60ºC to + 85ºC.
• High flexibility, for a wide range of applications.

The product list is based on the mounting of standard laser diode bars:

• 808nm +/- 3nm.
• 50w-CW, 19 emitters, 30% Fill Factor (FF).
• 60w-CW, 49 emitters, 50% FF.
• 150w-QCW, 60 emitters, 90% FF.
• High power, 100W-CW or 300w-QCW/per bar, are also available on request.
• Other wavelengths are also available 790, 808, 820, 850,880,910,940,1060,1550 nm.

For more information, please report to the Monocrom website.