About Us

PinAccl was created in 2007 as a response to the need of several companies for implementing innovative solutions in their existing supply chains as well as for establishing new sales channels. We consider these two aspects of the business as two sides of the same coin. The search for innovative answers to supply chain bottlenecks greatly resembles that for marketing a new product. Today, we proudly consolidate our key expertise in the field of high end lasers and complex optics. We represent three innovative companies in the photonics industry.

Since 2012, we are responsible for the direct sales activities of Integrated Optics UAB in the Benelux. Additionally, we support their sales activities in the USA, Taiwan, Australia, India and China. IO was created in 2012 and counts 19 employees to date. Their distinctive trait lies in the manufacture of small form factor CW and pulsed lasers by a semi-automated process. This has the advantage of shortening the production cycle and of lowering production costs to an absolute minimum.

Since June 2015, we manage the European sales activities of Rising-Electro-Optics LTD. Rising-EO was created in 2006, they are a manufacturer of optical components and assemblies located in Fuzhou, China. The 180 employees specialize in OEM business with absolute dedication and provide customized solutions to an ever-diversified demand.

From April 2016 onwards, we are representing Monocrom S.L. in the Benelux. Monocrom, located in Barcelona, Spain, designs and manufactures Low & High Power diode laser devices and diode pumped solid state lasers (DPSSL). These products find their way in medicine, aesthetics, materials processing, pumping, Science, defense, aero-spatial, instrumentation and graphic arts industry. They have over 20 years of experience in the field, are ISO 9001 2008 certified and count over 54 employees.

We work on a fixed-fee basis for each of our partners. Therefore, our quotes do not include any additional fee.
We simply offer you our expertise and continuous support at all times.


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Sylvain I. Misat, PhD